Building First App for EPD

With current architecture in YotaPhone Applications on Color Screen are no different from Applications on EPD screen. They all have activities, fragments, etc. The only difference is what screen they are running at.

So, to build your first application for EPD you basically need to follow two steps:

1. Build Application for Color screen (which is standard Android application);

2. Tell this application to run on EPD.

Building Application for Color Screen

To build application for color screen please refer to Android manual for Building Your First App.

Building Application for EPD Screen

To adapt now your Application for EPD Screen all you need to do is just to add meta-data to your Activity in your AndroidManifest.xml:

    <!-- Epd activity, which is shown on Epd screen. -->
    <activity android:name=".YourActivityName">
           <!-- This activity only for Epd screen. -->
                  android:value="true" />

That's it! You are done! Now your Activity will start on EPD!

To learn more about screen management please refer to Managing applications on two screens.

For examples of EPD applications please refer to samples on our GitHub:

Want to learn more about awesome EPD features that you can do with YotaDevices SDK? Just add YotaDevices SDK library to your project!

Preparing app for using the YotaPhone EPD features

Before you start use YotaPhone EPD features, please add YotaDevices SDK library to your project:

1. Add YotaDevices maven repository to your script, as shown below:

    allprojects { 
    repositories {
    // Add YotaDevices maven repository
    maven { url "" }

2. Add YotaDevices SDK library into dependencies, as shown below:

    dependencies {
            provided "com.yotadevices.libs.public:sdk:3.7.+"

3. Define this library in AndroidManifest.xml file:

    android:name="com.yotadevices.sdk" android:required="false"/>

The 'android:required' parameter specifies this library is required for the application. If this parameter is true, the application will not start without this library and will work only on YotaPhone.

That's all. After this you can use all features provided by YotaDevices SDK. We suggest to start from learning about Simplified SDK!