Integrate YotaDevices SDK

If you already have a project and want to add YotaPhone EPD features support, you should perform the following steps:

1. Add YotaDevices maven repository to your script, as shown below:

    allprojects { 
         repositories {
              // Add YotaDevices maven repository
              maven { url "" }

2. Add YotaDevices SDK library into dependencies, as shown below:

    dependencies {
         provided "com.yotadevices.libs.public:sdk:3.7.+"

3. Define this library in AndroidManifest.xml file:

         android:name="com.yotadevices.sdk" android:required="false"/>

The 'android:required' parameter specifies this library is required for the application. If this parameter is true, the application will not start without this library and will work only on YotaPhone.

That's all! Now your project is ready for using YotaPhone EPD features!